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Tanfoglio Witness Elite Limited

Imported by EAA, the Tanfoglio Wintess Elite Limited pistol is designed specifically for sport shooters competing in the IPSC limited class. Tanfoglio Witness Elite Limited Specs: CALIBER CAP. BBL OAL WI HI WT(OZ) 9MM 17+1 4.75” 9” 1.4″ 5″ 45 40SW 15+1 4.75” 9” 1.4″ 5″ 45 38SUP 17+1 4.75” 9” 1.4″ 5″ 45 45ACP …

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Arsenal Firearms Strike One

A slow motion video that compares the muzzle raise and cycle time of the Arsenal Firearms Strike One vs several other handguns. Arsenal Firearms Strike One Specs: TYPE: geometric lock, semi-automatic hammerless pistol ACTION: short recoil, in line barrel, patented locking block system CALIBERS: 9×19 Para, 9×21 IMI, .357 SIG, .40 S&W TRIGGER: automatic safety, …

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