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Trent Cole Shooting His Knight Muzzleloader

Trent Cole Shooting Knight Muzzleloader

Trent Cole, Blitz TV Host and Philadelphia Eagles Outside Linebacker, shoots his Knight Muzzleloader!

Knight Mountaineer Muzzleloader

Knight Mountaineer Muzzleloader

Dieter Kaboth from Hunting Adventures discusses the Knight Mountaineer Muzzleloader.

.950 JDJ

So, you are a fan of large caliber rifles? How about the .950 JDJ, by SSK Industries? These guys are nuts!..  But, you have to admire their enthusiasm! .950 JDJ Specs: Parent Case: 20 x 102 mm Vulcan Bullet Diameter: 0.950 in (24.13 mm) Case Length: 4 in (101.6 mm) Bullet Weight: 3,600gr Velocity: 2,200 …

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