Are you looking for a certain type of gun video? Check out the following gun video categories.

Gun Video Categories

2nd Amendment

  • This site is about guns… It would be irresponsible of us not to have a 2nd Amendment section!


  • As gun owners, we love gun accessories.


  • You’ve got the guns… now get out there and participate in some gun events. It is fun and good for the gun industry and Second Amendment!

Full Auto

  • No single shots here!

Girls and Guns

  • More and more women are getting into guns… and damn it… we think they deserve their own category!

Gun Safety

  • Learn it! Live it! Love it!


  • Sometimes, we just don’t know where to put things.


  • Big ones, little ones, single shot, semi-auto, full auto… if it’s a pistol, it goes here.


  • Promotional videos for guns and shooting accessories, straight from the manufacturers.


  • They protect you from tyranny, and are freakin’ fun to shoot!


  • If the bullet leaves the chamber, the video goes here!


  • Vice President Biden’s most favorite category…  Buy a Shotgun!… Buy a Shotgun!!


  • We’re serious about this one!… If you are going to own a firearm, know what you are doing!