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Mar 28

Zombie Target Explosion

40 pounds of In the Red Exploding Targets are introduced to a Zombie Target. These Zombie Targets are available at Tactical Zombie 13.

Mar 17

Zombie Target Destruction

The crew at Tactical Zombie 13 destroy some zombie targets. AR-15 rifles used are from Colt, Palmetto State Armory, and Black Dawn. The pistols used include a Sig Scorpion 1911, Beretta M9a1, Glock 29 Gen 4.

Mar 14

Zombie Target vs 1000 Rounds

The crew at Zombie Industries throw 1,000 rounds at their Zombie Target. The 11 man firing squad used 5.56, 7.62×39, 9mm, 45, then finished it off with 30 rounds of 00 Buck.

Sep 16

Zombie Rabbit Slow Motion Destruction

Jesse from Prank vs Prank stops by the RatedRR range and destroys some explosive zombie rabbit targets.

Aug 06

Do Cinder Blocks Stop 50 BMG

When Zombie Industries Bleeding Targets take cover behind cinder blocks, you have to unleash the big guns – .45, 5.56 Nato, .338 Lapua, and .50 BMG.

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