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Apr 01

Top 5 Bullpups

Another Top 5 Gun List from Eric and Chad. This time, they review their list of Top 5 bullpups. Bullpups that made the list include the FN PS90, Kel-Tec KSG, MSAR STG-556, IWI Tavor, and Kel-Tec RFB. FN PS90 Standard Specs: Designation: PS90® Standard Stock Color: Matte Black or Olive Drab Green (ODG) Caliber: 5.7x28mm …

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Mar 06

223 RIP OUT Trident Ammo Test

A velocity and penetration test of G2 Research .223 RIP OUT Trident ammo, as well as a comparison with .223 FMJ ammo. Andrew is using an AR-15 rifle, equipped with Hexmag magazine. G2 Research .223 RIP OUT Trident: 65 grain 2840 FPS 24″ +/- of Penetration Expands 2.5-3X initial size Precision Machined Solid Copper / …

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Jan 18

Custom Mosin Nagant Range Test

Eric and Chad test a custom Mosin Nagant. This rifle features a stock from Bluegrass Stock Company, RSI Bolt Handle and Mosin Nagant MI-24C 91/30 Rail System,Timney Trigger, and Zeiss Conquest Riflescope.

Nov 02

Vortex Diamondback Riflescope Review

Andrew with GY6vids tests the Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40mm BDC riflecope on his Stuart Customs AR-15 rifle.

Jul 11

Shooting the Colt Competition CSR-1516

Jeff Quinn tests the Colt Competition CSR-1516 5.56mm/223 Semi-Automatic Rifle.