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Aug 20

Dutch AR-10 Rifle

Larry Vickers and Tyler Grey Dutch give us an overview and range demo of an AR-10 Rifle, produced by the Dutch arms manufacturer, Artillerie Inrichtingen. AR-10 Rifle: Cartridge: 7.62×51mm NATO .308 Winchester Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt Rate of fire: 700 rounds/min Muzzle velocity: 820 m/s (2,690 ft/s) Effective firing range: 600m/656yd (ca 700m/765 1/2yds with A.I. …

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Jul 14

Wilson Combat Vickers Elite 1911 Giveaway

Wilson Combat and Larry Vickers are teaming up to give away Larry’s personal .45 ACP Wilson Combat Vickers Elite 1911 pistol. To Enter Visit: Wilson Combat Giving Away Vickers Elite 1911  

Apr 29

Off Hand Shooting Tips

Mrgunsngear demonstrates and discusses some techniques for one handed, off hand shooting. The pistol used during the demo is a Vickers Tactical Signature Glock 19.

Apr 11

Larry Vickers 1-Day AK Operators Class

Mrgunsngear discusses his experience with the Larry Vickers 1-Day AK Operators Class and gives us a look at some of the video footage.

Jan 19

Top 5 Guns Reviewed in 2014

Mrgunsngear runs down his list of Top 5 Gun Reviewed in 2014. Sure, I could tell you which guns (rifles and pistols) made the list… But then you wouldn’t watch the video.

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