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Jul 19

Belt Fed AR-15 Rifles

An in-depth look at belt fed AR-15 rifles, including history, technical aspects, and full-auto range demo. Belt-fed AR-15 rifles shown are from Colt, Valkyrie Armament, and Ares Defense.

Oct 09

Machine Gun Muzzle Brake Testing

Testing various muzzle brakes on a Valkyrie Armament BSR-Mod1 belt-fed machine gun. Muzzle Brake Testing Includes: No Brake A1 Brake A2 Brake DoubleStar Dragon Fabian Brothers Brake Jud Baily Recoil Compensator (The Workshop) White Sound FOSSA-556 Compensator Gunstar Recoil Compensator Lantac USA Dragon Advanced Muzzle Device

Dec 18

Valkyrie Armament BSR-Mod1

The Military Arms Channel test firing the Valkyrie Armament BSR-Mod1 belt-fed semi-automatic AR-15.