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Oct 24

Benelli M3 and Dragon’s Breath Lawn Maintenance

Eric shows us how to do some lawn maintenance with a Benelli M3 shotgun, Dragons’s Breath ammo, and some binary explosives from USA Chemical Supply. The gorilla suit is just a bonus!  

Jun 05

Barrett 50 Cal, Binary Explosives, and a Mercury Couger

Demolition Ranch brings an end to a 1970’s Mercury Couger, with the help of a Barrett 50 cal and 75 pounds of binary explosives. Barrett M82A1 Specs: Caliber: .50 BMG or 416 Barrett Operation: Semi-Automatic Overall Length: 57” or 48” Barrel Length: 29” or 20” (.50 BMG only) Weight: 31.45 lbs or 32.72 lbs Magazine Capacity: …

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Dec 04

YouTube Range Day 2014

A look at the action that took pace during the YouTube Range Day 2014, including tons of full-auto firearms and explosions.

Sep 24

Krebs Custom KV-13 Torture Test

The Military Arms Channel submits the Krebs Custom KV-13 to a torture test to see if it lives up to the legendary durability of the AK rifle. This KV-13 is equipped with a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight. Krebs Custom KV-13 Specs: Caliber: 7.62x39mm System of Operation: Gas Cyclic Rate: Semiautomatic Barrel: 16″ Weight: 8Lbs …

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Aug 29

Huntertown Arms Dolos

Military Arms Channel takes a look at the Huntertown Arms Dolos, a quick barrel removal system for the AR-15. The AR pistol shown is from MAG Tactical Systems. In addition to the Dolos, it is equipped with the SB15 Brace on a KAK Industry Extension Tube. The exploding target is from USA Chemical.

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