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May 18

Setting Up Your Range Bag

Arriving at the shooting range, only to discover that you’ve forgotten some critical gear, is extremely frustrating. In this video, Sootch gives some tips for setting up your range bag. Products shown from our friends at CTK Precision include the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest and the P3 Ultimate Target Stand.

Nov 15

The Target Man Reactive Steel Targets

A review and range demo of the Reactive AR500 Steel Targets from The Target Man, including The Sniper’s Paradise Target, Critical Shot Target, and the Dueling Tree. Sniper’s Paradise Reactive AR500 Steel Shooting Target Specs: Target height: 19.5″ Target width: 12″ Center hole of target diameter: 4.5 Center hole reactive paddle diameter: 6″ Hostage reactive …

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Aug 05

AR500 Body Armor Test

Testing AR500 Body Armor from Spartan Armor Systems with both pistol and rifle calibers.

Jun 24

700 Yard Shots with the Savage 110 in 338 Lapua

P.O.I. Tactical continues their 338 Lapua Project. This video includes their 700 yard shots with the Savage 110 and Barrett M98B. The Monopod used on the Savage is the P3 Ultimate Monopod from CTK Precision.

Jun 17

338 Lapua Project

P.O.I. Tactical kicks off their 338 Lapua Project, which includes their Savage 110 and Barrett M98B. Stay tuned for the full review of the CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Monopod!