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May 14

Ebomey’s AR-15 Rifle Build

Ebomey shows off his recent AR-15 rifle build. This rifle features a Huber Concepts muzzle brake, Nikon M-223 scope, Teal Blue Bravo PDQ, Odin Works rail, Magpul CTR, BCM changing handle, and ATI grip. The shooting rest used at the beginning of this video is the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest from CTK Precision.

Jan 08

PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release

An installation demo of the PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release from Teal Blue Bravo.

Dec 19

Teal Blue Bravo PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release

Pete at The Armory Channel reviews the Teal Blue Bravo PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release, including a range demo.

Dec 17

PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release

Ebomey reviews and installs the PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release from Teal Blue Bravo. The new PDQ Ambi-bolt release puts the operator in control of the firing grip at all times. The trigger finger moves from trigger to mag release to bolt release smoothly without moving the weapon from the shoulder. That is why it is called …

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May 11

Teal Blue Bravo PDQ – AR15 Ambi-Bolt Stop

The Teal Blue Bravo PDQ offers complete ambi-control of the AR15 bolt stop. The PDQ can be end user installed with common tools such as a hand file and Dremel.