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Sep 16

Stevens 320 Shotgun

Hickok45 discusses and shoots the Stevens 320 shotgun. The 12 gauge ammo used is from Federal.

Aug 31

Stevens 320 Shotgun Damage Update

It turns out that the Stevens 320 shotgun was actually damaged during the VSO Shotgun Torture Test. It sounds like Savage customer service was timely in their response!

Aug 07

Stevens 320 Pump Shotgun

A review and range demo of the Stevens 320 Pump Shotgun by Savage Arms.

Aug 03

Breakthrough Weapon Cleaner Review

A review and demo of Breakthrough Weapon Cleaner.

Jul 22

Shotgun Torture Test

A shotgun torture test featuring the Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Stevens 320 (Savage), Benelli SuperNova, and plenty of mud!

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