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Apr 02

Top 5 Guns To Scare Your Daughter’s Boyfriend

Eric and Chad give their list of Top 5 Guns To Scare Your Daughter’s Boyfriend (hypothetically, of course). Guns that made the list: Glock 17 with 100rnd Beta Mag Remington R1 with Tyrant Suppressor Saiga 12 SBS Mercury Magnum Double Barrel 10 Gauge Saiga AK

Jun 13

Full Auto Glock 22

A select fire full auto Glock 22 firingĀ 40 S&W and 9mm. As if that weren’t enough, he even attaches a suppressor from Liberty Suppressors and an SGM 50 round drum magazine.

Apr 15

VEPR 12 Shotgun

Military Arms reviews the VEPR 12 shotgun. The VEPR 12 is a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun. VEPR 12 Shotgun Specs: Gauge / Caliber: 12 ga Length: 725 mm Barrel Length: 430 mm Magazine Capacity: 8

Mar 31

Shooting on Easter – Waffen Werks AK74

Military Arms showing off some footage of shooting the Waffen Werks AK74.