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May 30

What Movies Get Wrong About Guns

Destinee reviews her Top 10 List of things movies get wrong about guns. Firearm credits: Copper Custom Glock 19, Smith & Wesson Model 500, Savoy Leather Holster, Springfield 1911 Range Officer, Aegis Armory Holster, and Beretta M9.

Dec 04

YouTube Range Day 2014

A look at the action that took pace during the YouTube Range Day 2014, including tons of full-auto firearms and explosions.

Apr 03

Advantage Tactical Sights with Firefly Insert

A range and holster test of the Advantage Tactical Sights with Firefly Insert.

Nov 25

Savoy Leather Holster

Tactical Advantage shows off their custom leather holster from Savoy Leather. This holster was made for the Springfield XD.