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May 03

Vanquest RACKIT-36 Covert Rifle Pack

TWANGnBANG gives us a look at the Vanquest RACKIT-36 Covert Rifle Pack which provides discreet and secure transportation of your carbine with a rapid deployment capability. In this review he uses the RACKIT-36 to conceal a wide variety of rifles, pistols, and accessories to demonstrate the rifle packs versatility. Vanquest RACKIT-36 Covert Rifle Pack: Net Weight: …

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Dec 12

10 Commonly Mispronounced Gun Names

Learn how to properly say 10 commonly mispronounced gun names, including: Mosin, Steyr, Kalashnikov, Garand, Dragunov, Sturmgewehr, Tavor, Heckler & Koch, Makarov,  and Saiga.

Oct 20

Mossberg Magpul Series Pump Shotguns

Nutnfancy reviews the Mossberg Magpul Series of pump shotguns, including the Mossberg 500 and 590.

Aug 31

Guns and Lace Girl with Saiga 12 Gauge

Guns and Lace girl Ashley, Miss September 2014 in a behind the scenes video with a Saiga 12 gauge.

Aug 23

Saiga Arsenal SGL-20 Soda Hunt

For those that lose sleep worrying about the sodas that might be hiding in the woods, don’t worry… Hickok45 takes them out with his Saiga Arsenal SGL-20 rifle.

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