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Jun 12

Baikal MP220F Bear Claw Sawed-off Shotgun

Hickok45 discusses and shoots the Baikal MP220F Bear Claw sawed-off shotgun.

Feb 06

Guns and Lace Girl Rae – Rossi Ranch Hand Rifle

Guns and Lace Girl, Rae, shows off the Rossi Ranch Hand rifle in .44 Mag. They slipped an AK in this video as well.

Dec 08

Rossi Model 720 Revolver

1957Shep discusses and shoots the Rossi Model 720 revolver in .44 special.

Aug 20

22 Shoot

Ahh… Young love… It’s their anniversary so they celebrate with a 22 shoot and a lovely Italian dinner.

Aug 14

Rossi Model 65 Lever Action 44/40

The Rossi model 65 is a fairly close copy of the Winchester model 92 Lever Action rifle. This one is chambered in 44/40.

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