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Dec 09

Arsenal SLR-104UR

A test of the Arsenal SLR-104UR rifle. Ammo used includes Wolf , Golden Tiger, and Red Army Standard. The optic used on the SLR-104UR is a Browe Combat Optic (BCO) with RS Regulate Mount. MAC is using the TargetCam Compact Target Spotting System. Arsenal SLR-104UR Specs: SKU: SLR104-51 Caliber: 5.45 x 39.5 mm Total Length: …

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Nov 23

Improved AK Build – Rifle Dynamics M4 Stock Adapter, Magpul MOE Buttstock, Magpul AFG2

John McQuay finishes up his AK build by installing a Rifle Dynamics M4 Stock Adapter, Magpul MOE Adjustable Buttstock and Angled Fore Grip (AFG2). Other components on this AK include the Midwest Industries Railed Handguard System, Bushnell TRS-25, and Tapco SAW Grip.

Sep 24

Rifle Dynamics Krink Zeroing

James Yeager reviews his process for zeroing his Rifle Dynamics Krink.

Sep 12

XS Sights on a Rifle Dynamics Krink

James Yeager shows off his new XS Sights mounted on his Rifle Dynamics Krink, and demonstrates boresighting. Stay tuned for a range demonstration!

Aug 22

Krinkov Rifle and SOE NSW Chest Rig

James Yeager showing off his great anniversary gift from his wife, a new Krinkov rifle made by Rifle Dynamics. He also gives a good look at his S.O.E NSW Chest Rig.

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