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Feb 01

Favorite Holsters Modern Guns

Mike Beliveau reviews his favorite holsters for modern handguns. Manufacturers include Don Hume, Galco, Blue Stone Safety Products, Conceal City, El Paso Saddlery, Uncle Mike’s, Kirkpatrick Leather Company, and Mernickle Holsters.

Oct 02

Para LTC Tactical

An overview and demonstration of the Para LTC Tactical pistol.

Sep 25

First Person Defender – Woman Thwarts Parking Lot Abduction

In this episode of First Person Defender, the Defender is confronted in a parking lot by a kidnapper. First Person Defender takes regular “good guys” and puts them in an intense, real life, self defense situation. They use Simunition guns and force on force training to see what works and what doesn’t.

Aug 07

Red Dot Sights Can Fail

GunznGear shares an experience in which his red dot sights failed. His message – don’t forget to train with your iron sights!

Jul 18

Buyer’s Guide – Home Defense Handguns

The GunznGear channel reviews some options for home defense handguns, including both revolvers and semi-automatics.

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