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Nov 17

2015 NASGW Show – New Gun Products Part 2

Jeff Quinn looks at new products from the 2015 NASGW (National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers) show. This episode features gun products from Colt, DoubleTap Ammunition, TNW Firearms, Armscor, Faxon Firearms, Excel Arms, Cimarron Firearms, Century Arms, Davide Pedersoli, Ohio Ordnance Works, XS Sight Systems, Honor Defense, Auto Ordnance, UTAS, and Weatherby.  

Oct 15

Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR

FPSRussia destroys some fruit and household appliances with the Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle). The .30-06 ammunition used during this video is from Clark Custom Cartridge Company.

Jul 14

BAR M1918 vs FN SCAR 17

Hickok45 compares the Ohio Ordnance Works reproduction of the BAR M1918 to the FN SCAR 17.

Jun 19

BAR M1918 vs Block Wall

Hickok45 passes the torch on this one and lets John destroy a block wall with an Ohio Ordnance Works replica of the Browning BAR M1918 rifle.

Jun 15

Browning BAR M1918 – Ohio Ordnance Works

Hickok45 discusses and shoots an Ohio Ordnance Works replica of the Browning BAR M1918 rifle. Sidenote: A couple years ago I had a chance to put several rounds through a BAR at the Lucky Gunner Machine Gun Shoot. To this day, I still have a scar on my left had that I received after touching the …

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