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Apr 28

Chinese Norinco SKS Rifle

Eric and Chad take a look at the Chinese Norinco SKS rifle, including range demo. The ammo used during this test is Wolf 7.62×39. SKS Specs: Cartridge: 7.62×39mm Action: Short stroke gas piston, tilting bolt, self-loading Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic 35–40 (rd/min) Muzzle Velocity: 735 m/s (2,411 ft/s) Effective Firing Range: 400 meters (440 yd) …

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Feb 23

Norinco NDM-86 SVD Dragunov

Military Arms Channel gives an overview and range demo of their new Norinco NDM-86 SVD Dragunov chambered in 7.62x54R. Dragunov Sniper Rifle Specs: Cartridge: 7.62×54mmR Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt Rate of fire: 30 rounds/min Muzzle velocity: 830 m/s (2,723 ft/s) (SVD) 810 m/s (2,657.5 ft/s) (SVDS) 800 m/s (2,624.7 ft/s) (SVU) Effective firing range: 800 m …

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Sep 22

AK Collection

A look at the Intoweapons AK collection, including an overview of each rifle / pistol. Intoweapons AK Collection: Century Arms VZ2008 (not an AK variant) – 7.62×39 Norinco SKS (not an AK variant) – 7.62×39 Arsenal SLR-101s – 7.62×39 Arsenal SLR-106fr – .223/5.56 Arsenal SLR106-58 – .223/5.56 Zastava M70AB2 – 7.62×39 Zastava M70 O-PAP – 7.62×39 …

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Dec 02

Norinco NS522 Bolt Action Rifle Review

A review of the Norinco NS522 bolt action .22 rifle, along with some range footage. This Norinco is equipped with the Harris bipod.

Nov 14

Norinco SKS – POV Shooting

A POV look at shooting the Norinco SKS rifle, courtesy of Pivothead Video Glasses.

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