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Oct 11

Single Action Revolvers at Moss Pawn

The ShootFastFun crew is at Moss Pawn checking out their single action revolvers.

May 21

Moss Pawn and Guns Promo

Several of the gun videos we have posted come from the guys at Moss Pawn and Guns. Eric, Barry, Ray, and Chad pride themselves with providing the most varied assortment of gun related content on YouTube.

May 20

Firearms Facts – 5.45x39mm Ammunition

In this episode of Firearms Facts, Moss Pawn and Gun discusses 5.45x39mm ammunition. 5.45x39mm Ammunition Specs: Case Type: Steel, rimless, bottleneck Bullet Diameter: 5.60 mm (0.220 in) Neck Diameter: 6.29 mm (0.248 in) Shoulder Diameter: 9.25 mm (0.364 in) Base Diameter: 10.00 mm (0.394 in) Rim Diameter: 10.00 mm (0.394 in) Rim Thickness: 1.50 mm …

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