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Oct 28

Breakthrough Gun Cleaner

Ebomey gives his thoughts on the effectiveness of Breakthrough gun cleaner.

Oct 03

Modern Spartan Systems Gun Cleaning Products

Cotton reviews the gun Modern Spartan Systems cleaning products, including their Accuracy Oil, Carbon Destroyer, Copper/Lead Destroyer, and Crystal Clear lens cleaner. The gun vise used in the video is the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise from CTK Precision.

Dec 03

Springfield XDm and Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Holster

Ebomey takes a look at the Springfield XDm pistol and the Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Holster. Shooting demo begins at 12:56.

Sep 04

Modern Spartan Systems Firearm Cleaners and Lubricants

An overview of the firearm cleaners and lubricants from Modern Spartan Systems.