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Mar 10

Jerry Miculek’s Top 5 Favorite Guns

Jerry Miculek gives us a look at his top 5 favorite guns, excluding Smith & Wesson firearms. Guns that made the list are from STI, Mauser, Colt, Iver Johnson, and Remington.  

Feb 06

Mauser K98k BYF 43

From the Hickok45 Compound, and overview and range demo of the Mauser K98k BYF 43 rifle. The 8mm Mauser ammunition used is from Federal Premium.  

Dec 14

Star Wars Blaster Speed Shooting

In this episode of Star Wars Guns, Jerry Miculek does some speed shooting with the DL-44 Blaster (a modified Mauser 96 pistol with Hensoldt Wetzlar scope and MG81 flash hider). Check out Star Wars stuff at Amazon  

Aug 28

Mauser Model 71/84

An overview and range demo of the Mauser Model 71/84 which is an updated version of the Mauser Model 1871 that features an 8-round tubular magazine. Mauser Model 1871 / Gewehr 71 Specs: Cartridge: 11.15×60R 10.15×63mmR 11.15×37mmR 9.5×60mmR 11x59R Gras 7×57mm 7.65×53mm 6.5×53.5R Caliber: .43 Action: Bolt action Muzzle Velocity: 1,430 ft/s (440 m/s) (11×60mmR) …

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Mar 04

Mauser Model 1891

An overview and range demo of the Argentine Mauser Model 1891, chambered in 7.65×53mm Argentine.

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