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Mar 30

Arsenal Strike One

A review and range demo of the Arsenal Strike One pistol in 9mm. Also shown is a Glock 22 with Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel and Royal Arms trigger. Arsenal Firearms Strike One Specs: TYPE: geometric lock, semi-automatic hammerless pistol ACTION: short recoil, in line barrel, patented locking block system CALIBERS: 9×19 Para, 9×21 IMI, .357 …

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May 13

Ammo Test – Buffalo Bore 10mm Lead Free Ammo

A clear gel test of Buffalo Bore 10mm Lead Free Barnes TAC-XP ammo. The test pistol is a Glock 21 SF with Lone Wolf 10mm barrel conversion.

Apr 19

.40 S&W vs .357 Sig

Hickok45 discusses the differences between .40 S&W and .357 Sig and uses his Glock 32 to do a shooting demo with both calibers. The .40 Glock barrel is from Lone Wolf Distributors. Glock 32 Specs: CALIBER/SYSTEM: .357 / Safe Action LENGTH: G32: 187 mm / 7.36 in. G32 Gen 4: 185 mm / 7.28 in. HEIGHT: 127 mm …

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Jan 16

Lone Wolf Glock 34

A demo of the Lone Wolf Glock 34, featuring the Leupold Delta Point, cerakote and their Timberwolf Frame.

Dec 03

Lone Wolf 9 Inch Barrels for Glock Pistols

Hickok45 demonstrates the velocity increase achieved with Lone Wolf 9 inch barrels for Glock pistols.

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