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Dec 07

AR550 Steel vs Pistol and Rifle Rounds

Demolition Ranch is at the range to test the damage various pistol and rifle rounds can inflict on a 1 inch thick AR550 steel plate. Calibers tested include 9mm, .44 Magnum, .500 Magnum, 7.62x39mm, 5.56, .308, and .50 BMG. The new AR-15 used in this video is from F-1 Firearms and features a HIPERFIRE Trigger.  

Jul 30

AR-15 Patrol Rifle

John McQuay reviews the components of his AR-15 Patrol Rifle. Components Include: Midwest Industries Extended Carbine Length Handguard Magpul XTM Hand Stop Magpul Rail Light Mount Surefire G2 Light Magpul MS4 Sling Noveske QD Sling Mount Aimpoint CompM2 LaRue Tactical CompM2 Mount Daniel Defense A1.5 Rear Sight Precision Reflex Gas Buster Charging Handle Magpul CTR Stock …

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Jun 26

AR vs AK

Destinee weighs in on the always controversial AR vs AK question. The AR used in this video features a Daniel Defense Upper, LMT Defender Lower, and Troy Sights.