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May 20

TrackingPoint XS1Precision Guided Rifle vs HTC One

Even at 1,123 yards, the HTC One cell phone can’t hide from the TrackingPoint XS1 Precision Guided Rifle. TrackingPoint XS1 Precision Guided Firearm Specs: Rifle Manufacturer: Surgeon™ Rifles (Surgeon XL action and Krieger™ barrel) Rifle System Manufacturer: TrackingPoint (integrated long-range shooting system) Operating System: Bolt action Caliber: .338 Lapua Bullet: 300 grain Sierra™ Match King …

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Sep 30

Unboxing the TrackingPoint XS2 Smart Rifle

If you receive a TrackingPoint XS2 Smart Rifle for Christmas this year, this is  what you can expect to see when unboxing.