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Sep 22

AK Collection

A look at the Intoweapons AK collection, including an overview of each rifle / pistol. Intoweapons AK Collection: Century Arms VZ2008 (not an AK variant) – 7.62×39 Norinco SKS (not an AK variant) – 7.62×39 Arsenal SLR-101s – 7.62×39 Arsenal SLR-106fr – .223/5.56 Arsenal SLR106-58 – .223/5.56 Zastava M70AB2 – 7.62×39 Zastava M70 O-PAP – 7.62×39 …

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Aug 20

Krebs Custom OP-14 Rifle

A review of the 7.62x39mm Krebs Custom OP-14 rifle, including field strip and range demo. The OP-14 will be available via Circle 10 AK. Krebs Custom OP-14 Specs: Base Rifle: Izhmash Saiga IZ-132 in 7.62x39mm Krebs Custom trigger group, retaining plate, bullet guide and Keymod rail. Proprietary Krebs Custom hinged top cover picatinny rail KrebsKote …

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Aug 04

Saiga IZ-132 Rifle Range Demo

Intoweapons is at the range with his new Saiga IZ-132 rifle, imported by RWC Group.

Jul 30

Saiga IZ-132 Rifle

Intoweapons gives an overview of his new Saiga IZ-132 rifle, imported by RWC Group.

May 13

Full Auto Shotguns

A range comparison of two full auto shotguns, the AA-12 and Saiga 12.

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