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Jul 25

How to Destroy a Hi-Point Pistol

Demolition Ranch demonstrates one of many methods that can be used to destroy a Hi-Point pistol. Using his Smith & Wesson Revolver, he fires a .357 Magnum round down the barrel of the Hi-Point.  

Jun 30

Affordable Handguns for Personal Defense

The Military Arms Channel takes a look at some affordable handguns for personal defense. Handguns shown include the Smith & Wesson Shield, Smith & Wesson 642, Hi-Point, Smith & Wesson SD9 VE, Walther PPX, SAR Arms SAR-B6P, and the Ruger 9E.

Sep 21

Muzzle Velocity – Sig P226 MK25 vs Hi-Point 9mm Carbine

The guys at Highjak86 compare the muzzle velocity of the Sig P226 MK25 and Hi-Point 9mm Carbine. Velocity is measured with the ProChrono Digital from Competition Electronics.

Aug 11

Top Five Guns Found in Police Evidence Lockers

Eric and Chad give their list of the top five guns found in police evidence lockers.

May 20

Hi-Point 995TSFG Carbine

A range demo of the Hi-Point 995TSFG Carbine. The 995TSFG features a black finish with a forward grip.

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