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May 18

DDI AK47F Rifle

A review and range demo of the DDI AK47F rifle, which is built with a matching Bulgarian milled parts kit utilizing a Green Mountain Chrome lined pressed in milled barrel, Tapco fire control group, Bulgarian style scope mount and a complete set of milled Arsenal furniture.

Sep 30

DDI AK47U Rifle

An overview of the new 7.62x39mm DDI AK47U Rifle, including range demo. Also shown is the Arsenal SAM7UF. The muzzle device installed during this video is the Echo Nine Three AK3P

Jul 15

Knight DISC Extreme Black Powder Rifle

Overview of the Knight DISC Extreme black powder rifle. The Knight DISC isĀ 100% American made with a Green Mountain barrel, for uncompromising quality in safety, accuracy and dependability. Be sure to check out The Sportsman’s Guide selection of Knight DISC muzzleloaders.