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Dec 09

Arsenal SLR-104UR

A test of the Arsenal SLR-104UR rifle. Ammo used includes Wolf , Golden Tiger, and Red Army Standard. The optic used on the SLR-104UR is a Browe Combat Optic (BCO) with RS Regulate Mount. MAC is using the TargetCam Compact Target Spotting System. Arsenal SLR-104UR Specs: SKU: SLR104-51 Caliber: 5.45 x 39.5 mm Total Length: …

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Jul 17

VZ2008 Rifle Tribute

A tribute to the VZ2008 rifle, including range demo.

Apr 08

7.62×39 Accuracy Testing

An accuracy test and comparison of 7.62×39 ammo. The test rifle is a CZ 527 bolt action carbine.

Dec 12

AR500 Armor vs AK 7.62×39

Level III armor from AR500 Armor is tested against the 7.62×39, fired from an Arsenal AK.

Dec 03

AR-15 vs AK-47 Concrete Block Penetration Test

A concrete block penetration comparison between the 5.56×45 AR-15 and the 7.62×39 AK. The firearms used were a CIA AKM, Sig Sauer 516, and the PSL-54C (7.62x54mmR).

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