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Nov 20

Perfect Packing Pistol

Ebomey reviews his list of perfect packing pistols. Pistols shown included the Glock 27, Ruger SR1911, Walther PPS, and Glock 23. Holsters shown are from Pitbull Tactical, Aegis Armory, Forest City Tactical, and G-Code.

Aug 13

Robar NP3 Gun Finish

Sootch reviews the Robar NP3 Gun Finish. This finish is shown on a Glock pistol and an AR-15 bolt carrier group. The Robar NP3 finish is an electroless nickel-based finish for steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys that co-deposits sub-micron particles of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), otherwise known as Teflon, with electroless nickel.

Feb 17

HSP D3 Carrier by G-Code

The HSP D3 Carrier by G-Code is the latest collaboration between Haley Strategic Partners and G-Code holsters.

Feb 04

Defending Your Home and Family

Sootch gives some great tips for defending your home, family, and valuables.

Jan 21

INCOG Concealment Holster

A review of the INCOG Concealment Holster by Haley Strategic Partners and G-Code.

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