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Mar 19

TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier

John McQuay takes a look at the Silent Ammo Carrier from TAB Gear. The Silent Ammo Carrier will hold 100 rounds of .308 ammo. It also has ammo loops on the outside that will hold 10 rounds for quick access. There is a divider inside that allows the shooter to easily segregate live rounds from fired …

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Dec 20

Mosin Nagant Ammo Test – Winchester 7.62 x 54R 180 Grain Soft Point

Review of the 7.62 x 54R Winchester 180 grain soft point ammo for the Mosin Nagant rifle.

Nov 10

Winchester Partition Gold Sabot Slug

A Remington 870 sends a Winchester Partition Gold Sabot Slug into 24 gallons of water.

Oct 28

Ammo Review – Federal Fusion and Fusion MSR

A review of the .223 62gr Federal Fusion and Fusion MSR ammo. The test rifle is a Bushmaster Predator. The opening scope cam footage is through the Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50.

Oct 25

Ammo Review – .223 Barnes VOR-TX 55 gr TSX

Review and test of the .223 Remington, 55 gr Barnes VOR-TX copper bullet. Test shot at 50 yards, 20″ barrel AR15, using calibrated (to 10% ordinance specs) SIM-TEST. Video includes review of the cartridge, chronograph velocities, test shot, and post-shot views of the test block, plus photos of the recovered bullet.

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