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Aug 25

FN 509 Tactical 9mm Pistol Review

From the Military Arms Channel, a review and range demo of the FN 509 Tactical 9mm pistol. The pistol tested is equipped with a Trijicon RMR, SureFire X300 WeaponLight, and a Blackhawk! Mini Boss Suppressor.    FN 509 Tactical: CALIBER: 9mm OPERATION: Double-action MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 17/24 Rd. WEIGHT: 27.9 oz. BARREL LENGTH: 4.5″ OVERALL LENGTH: 7.9″ TWIST RATE: 1:10″ RH …

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Feb 19

FN M249S Semi-Auto Version of M249 SAW

Paul Levy from Brownells gives us a look at the FN M249S, a semi-auto version of the legendary M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) light machine gun.  

Nov 13

Pistol Comparison – FNS-9C, Glock 26, Steyr S9

In this pistol comparison, TheFirearmGuy gives us a look at the FNS-9C, Glock 26, and Steyr S9. Visit ArmsVault for the latest gun news!  

Jun 18

FN M240B Belt-Fed Machine Gun

An overview and range demo of the FN M240B, a gas-operated, open bolt, 7.62x51mm NATO Belt-Fed machine gun. M240 Machine Gun Specs: Cartridge: 7.62×51mm NATO Action: Gas-operated, open bolt Rate of Fire: 750–950 rounds/min Muzzle Velocity: 2,800 ft/s (853 m/s) Effective Range: Bipod: 800 m (880 yd) Tripod: 1,800 m (1,980 yd) Maximum Range: 4,074 yd (3,725 …

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Jun 08

Tactical Edge Warfighter 10

From the Hickok45 Compound, an overview and range demo of the Tactical Edge Warfighter 10. This particular rifle is equipped with a Vortex red dot. Also shown is a SCAR 17S. Hickok45 is using American Eagle 308 ammunition during this range test.  

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