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Nov 06

Top 5 Guns For a Bump in the Night

Another Top 5 Gun List from Eric and Chad. This time, they review their Top 5 Guns For a Bump in the Night. Guns shown include a Mossberg 590A1, an AR-15 rifle build, Smith & Wesson M&P9, Kel-Tec KSG, Glock 23, and the Smith & Wesson Governor.

Apr 03

ZAHAL Tactical Girl Shooting Glock 17 with KPOS Pathfinder

A range demo of a Glock 17 equipped with the KPOS G2 Pathfinder from FAB Defense.

Jan 04

LWRC M6A2 Rifle

Destinee gives a quick look at and shooting demo of the LWRC M6A2 rifle. LWRC M6A2 Specs: Caliber: 5.56 NATO Barrel Length: 10.5″, 12.7″, 14.7″, 16.1″ Weight (unloaded): 7.3 lbs (16.1″ barrel) Length (overall): 33.3″ – 36.5″ (16.1″ barrel) Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto or Select Fire 700 rpm (+/- 100 rpm) Rifling: 1/7″ RH (5.56); …

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Dec 13

FAB Defense Pistol To Carbine Conversion Kit

A review and range demo of the FAB Defense Pistol to Carbine Conversion Kit for the Glock 23 (KPOS G2 Glock 17/19). The Conversion Kit (KPOS G2) is available for handguns from multiple manufacturers such as, Glock Sig, Springfield, Beretta, FN, CZ, and more. KPOS G2 Glock 17/19 Specs: Weight: 960 gr Width: 59 mm Height: …

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Nov 04

Full Auto Glock

Jeff from the Bigshooterist Channel showing off and shooting his full auto Glock 18 with GLR-19 tactical stock.

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