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Apr 02

DRT 9mm Ammo vs Clear Gel

A clear gel test of DRT 9mm ammo. DRT Specification Sheet: Weight/Caliber – 85gr 9mm Powder Type — Ten Ring Powder Charge — 4.8 Barrel Length: 4″ Velocity — 1381fps Brass — DRT Ammo Primer — Sellier & Bellot Lead Content – Bullet contains 0% lead content.

Nov 21

Gun Industry Profit

Natalie Foster explains how the gun industry is made up of caring, proud and patriotic people.

Oct 26

Ammo Test – DRT 9mm Penetrating Frangible HP

A denim and ballistics gel test of the DRT 9mm Penetrating Fangible HP ammo. The test pistol is a Glock 27.

Oct 16

DRT 380 Auto Frangible Ammo Ballistics Gel Test

A review and Clear Ballistics Gel test of DRT 380 Auto Frangible Ammo.

Oct 15

DRT Ammo Ballistics Gel Test

A look at ballistics gel test results of DRT Ammo.