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Oct 23

Damage Industries AK Components

Pete from The Armory Channel reviews several AK components from Damage Industries, including their Dual Magazine Connector, multiple muzzle brakes, AK-47 Modular Forearm Mount, and Enhanced Forward Grip.

Oct 08

Custom K31 Sporter

Eric and Chad test a custom K31 Sporter. Upgrades include a Rock Solid Industries scope mount, Bluegrass gun stock, Hammerli trigger, and Zeiss riflescope.

May 02

DuraCoat Skull Coated AR-15 Rifle

Sootch gives us a look at his DuraCoat Skull coated AR-15 rifle. The coating was done by Up-Armored Knives & Coatings.

Feb 13

Girls Guide to Guns DuraCoat

From the 2014 SHOT Show, a look at the new Girl’s Guide to Guns DuraCoat options for firearms.

Aug 17

DuraCoat Finishing Kit – Ithaca 66

Dave at Guns.com uses the DuraCoat Finishing Kit to bring some life back into an Ithaca 66.

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