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Mar 27

Marilyn Shooting a Colt AR-15A2

Marilyn is at the range shooting a gun for the very first time. Her gun of choice, at least for this range trip, is a Colt AR-15A2.    

Mar 08

Chloe Rose Shooting a Colt AR-15A2 HBAR

Chloe Rose is at the range shooting an AR-15 rifle for the very first time. Her rifle of choice is the Colt AR-15A2 HBAR.    

Jan 09

Daria Shooting a Colt AR-15 Rifle

Apparently, a little snow and cold weather won’t keep Daria from showing us how it is done with the Colt AR-15 rifle.     

Jan 07

Shy Marie Shooting a Colt AR-15

Cold weather doesn’t stop Shy Marie from spending some quality time at the range with a Colt AR-15 rifle.    

Dec 27

Cici Gray Spreading Christmas Cheer with a Colt AR-15 Rifle

Cici Gray braves the cold at the shooting range to spread some Christmas cheer with her Colt AR-15 rifle.  

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