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Gun Accessories

Gun Accessories

In this “Tools of the Trade” episode, Jeff Quinn takes a look at knife and gun accessories from Skinner Sights, CrossBreed Holsters, Cold Steel, Cole Tactical Design, Hidesight, and SwapRig Holsters.

2014 NRA Show – Part 2

2014 NRA Show

Jeff Quinn looks at new products from the 2014 NRA Show in Indianapolis, IN. This episode features products from Omega Armory, Marlin, Leupold, Ruger, Remington, XS Sight Systems, American Tactical Imports, Cimarron, FN Herstal, Chiappa, Ares Defense, Advanced Armament, Schroeder Bauman, North American Arms, Charter Arms, and Savage Arms. Want to join the NRA? Use our NRA …

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Self Defense – Gun, Knife or Both

Self Defense - Gun, Knife or Both

For self defense should you carry a gun, knife, or both. That’s what Weapons Education discusses in this video.

Top 5 Home Defense Products

Top 5 Home Defense Products

The top 5 home defense products, from the Weapons Education Channel. Weapons Channel Top 5 Home Defense Products: Shotgun Handgun Knife Flashlight Pepper Spray