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Jul 28

VPS-15 Rifle In .204 Ruger vs Tannerite

From the Kavod Custom Range Day earlier this month, a demonstration of the VPS-15 Rifle in .204 Ruger. I was at this event and had a chance to shoot this rifle. In fact, the last Tannerite shot was from Yours Truly… However, the evil laugh that follows does not belong to me. The VPS-15 in …

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Dec 14

Kavod Custom Commercial

A sneak peek of the new Kavod Custom commercial. The commercial highlights their ability to create customized modern sporting rifles. The commercial is produced by Stouthouse Media and scheduled to run with Smacked TV on Fox Sports South starting December 28th. Have your rifle built at Kavod Custom.

Jun 29

VPS Full Auto vs Slide Fire Equipped AR

A full-auto showdown between a VPS (Vidalia Police Supply) built full-auto and an AR equipped with a Slide Fire stock and an MP5 submachine gun.

Apr 02

Kavod Custom Range Day

Footage from the recent Kavod Custom / Vidalia Police Supply Range Day.