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May 27

DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

TWANGnBANG treats us to a review and range demo of the DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun from Standard Mfg and Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company.

Jan 11

ATN X-Sight Day/Night Scope

An overview and range demo of the ATN X-Sight Day/Night Scopes, including their 3-12X and 5-18X models. Also reviewed is the smartphone app that works in conjunction with the ATN X-Sight. The Shooting Rest/Gun Vise shown during the range demo is the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest with Gun Vise Attachment from CTK Precision. Read More: ATN …

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May 14

Griffin Armament from SHOT Show 2015

From the 2015 SHOT Show, a look at new products from Griffin Armament, including their 30SD Suppressor, and Revolution 45 Suppressor.

Apr 07

Mega Arms Orias Chassis

From the 2015 SHOT Show, a look at the Orias Chassis for Remington 700 Short Action. The Orias Chassis is a collaboration between Mega Arms and Killer Innovations.

Apr 01

PKM Machine Gun Range Demo

A full-auto range demo of the PKM Machine Gun. The PKM is a modernized version of the PK weighing only 16.5 lb without ammunition. PK Machine Gun Specs: Cartridge: 7.62×54mmR Action: Gas-operated, open bolt Rate of Fire: PK, PKM: 650–750 round/min. PKT: 800 round/min Muzzle Velocity: PK, PKM: 825 m/s Effective Firing Range: 1,000m (100–1,000 m sight …

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