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Aug 18

Mossberg 500 Chainsaw With Crimson Trace Rail Master Laser Sight

You don’t hear much about these… the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw. Mossberg 500 Chainsaw Specs: Gauge: 12 Chamber Size: 3″ Capacity: 6 Barrel: 18.5″ Stand-off/Breacher Sights: White Dot Chokes: Cylinder Bore Overall Length: 31″ Length Of Pull: Barrel Finish: Matte Stock: Synthetic (Black Pistol Grip) Weight: 6 lb

Aug 09

Simple Project for a Level Reloading Scale

For the reloaders… This simple and inexpensive project makes it easy to level your reloading scale no matter where you want to use it.

Jul 28

Glock Safety Holster

An overview of the Glock Safety Holster. The Glock Safety Holster affords officers on duty optimum protection hindering unauthorized access to the weapon by third parties.

Jul 23

Portable Outdoor Reloading Kit – Lee Hand Press

A great overview and demonstration of the Lee Hand Press and portable outdoor reloading kit.