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Mar 14

Stretch Armstrong Taking Hostile Fire – Is He Bulletproof?

Is Stretch Armstrong bulletproof? In this video, Taofledermaus shoots this stretchy guy with several rounds including 9mm, 22LR, 40 S&W and 12 gauge.  

Apr 01

Concrete Shotgun Slugs

The Taofledermaus channel is at the range testing concrete shotgun slugs. Targets include an AR500 steel plate, wood, a concrete block, a book, and a ballistic gel Gummy Bear.  

Nov 16

Bismuth Shotgun Slugs Range Test

In this video, Taofledermaus¬†make some crudely-cast shotgun slugs using the metal bismuth and put them to the test at the shooting range. The¬†shooting rest used in this video is the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest from CTK Precision.  

Jun 22

Hockey Pucks vs 9mm and 12 Gauge

Are hockey pucks bulletproof? The guys at TAOFLEDERMAUS test hockey pucks against 9mm and 12 gauge ammo.

May 18

12 Gauge Wax Slug vs Tape Measure

The crew at TAOFLEDERMAUS are at the range to find out what happens when you shoot a 30′ tape measure with a 12 gauge wax slug.

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