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SureFire DSF Series Shotgun Forend WeaponLight

SureFire DSF Series Shotgun Forend WeaponLight

A security professional and shotgun enthusiast, provides a quick recap of all that he likes about the new DSF-Series Shotgun Forend WeaponLight.

SureFire Hearing Protection

Overview of SureFire hearing protection earplugs and earpieces. They’re manufactured in the U.S. from only the finest materials and incorporate cutting-edge design—like EarLock retention rings—to deliver the ultimate in comfort and fit. This near custom fit ensures that Sonic Defenders earplugs will protect users against potentially dangerous noises.

SureFire SOCOM Suppressor Series

The latest installment of the SureFire SOCOM Suppressor video series discusses the US-mill certified high-temperature alloys that SureFire uses in its best-in-class suppressors.