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Apr 21

Henry Arms .22 Lever Carbine

A review of the Henry Arms .22 Lever Carbine, including range demo. Henry Lever Action .22 Rifle Specs: Model Number: H001, H001L (Carbine) Action Type: Lever Action Caliber: .22 Capacity: 15 rounds .22LR, 17 rounds .22L, 21 rounds .22S Length: 36 ½” Barrel Length: 18 ¼”, 16.125″ (Carbine) Weight: 5.25 lbs., 4.5 lbs. (Carbine) Stock: Straight-grip American …

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Apr 01

Blade-Tech vs Blackhawk SERPA Holsters

Nutnfancy compares Blade-Tech and Blackhawk SERPA holsters.

Mar 31

Blackhawk Diversion Carry Racquet Bag

Hide your rifles and handguns in plain sight with the Blackhawk Diversion Carry Racquet Bag. Blackhawk Diversion Carry Racquet Bag Constructed of 420 velocity nylon Internal divider for carrying up to two firearms or separated upper/lower AR-15 receivers (up to 29” long) Padded walls with inner shell hide firearm outlines Heavy-duty lockable zipper sliders

Mar 29

Winchester 94/22 .22 Lever Gun

A review and range demo of the Winchester 94/22 lever action rifle. Find out why Nutnfancy calls this the best .22 lever gun.

Mar 23

SKS Rifle Review

An review and range demo of the 7.62x39mm semi-automatic SKS Rifle. SKS Rifle Specs: Cartridge: 7.62×39mm Action: Short stroke gas piston, tilting bolt, self-loading Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic 35–40 (rd/min) Muzzle Velocity: 735 m/s (2,411 ft/s) Effective Range: 400 meters (440 yd) Feed System: 10 round stripper clip-fed or individual round loading Sights: Hooded post …

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