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Oct 14

Ammo 101

An look at the anatomy of handgun, rifle and shotgun ammo, as well as a review of common calibers.

Feb 24

Assault Weapons Myth

Dom Raso and his friend Jerry, a S.W.A.T. officer from New Jersey, dispel the myth that so-called “assault weapons” are the preferred firearms of criminals.

Jan 31

NFL Bans Daniel Defense Super Bowl Advertisement

One commercial you won’t see during the 2014 Super Bowl is an ad by gun manufacturer Daniel Defense. The spot, about a Marine Corps veteran who returns home and is determined to defend his home and family the same way he defended his country, was rejected by the NFL. Marty Daniel, president and chief executive …

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Jan 31

Just Say No To Firearm Ignorance

Billy Johnson compares the communal reaction to improve education following a local drowning versus the reaction to ban firearms following a shooting.

Jan 22

Misleading Gun Control Statistics – Declining Gun Ownership

Billy Johnson exposes misleading gun control statistics and addresses the declining gun ownership claim.

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