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Feb 26

Weapons of World War II – M24 Chaffee Tank

In this episode of Weapons of World War II, we get a look at the the Light Tank M24, also known as the M24 Chaffee. Light Tank M24 (M24 Chaffee): Armor: 15–38 mm (0.60–1.50 in) Main Armament: 1 × 75 mm Gun M6 L / 40 (48 rounds) Secondary Armament: 1 × .50 cal Browning …

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Dec 05

Colt Cobra Revolver

John Popp and Phil Schreier take a look at the Colt Cobra revolver. The Colt Cobra is a lightweight, aluminum-framed, double-action short-barrelled revolver. Colt Cobra Specs: Caliber .38 Special .32 Colt New Police .22 LR Action: DA/SA Feed System: 6-round Cylinder Weight: 15 oz (430 g) Barrel Length: 2 in (51 mm), 3 in (76 …

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Oct 28

NRA National Sporting Arms Museum

The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum is now open to the public in their flagship super store in Springfield, Missouri. This impressive collection is the result of nearly a decade of work by the National Rifle Association of America and Bass Pro Shops. In the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum, you’ll be able to see …

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Oct 25

Beretta M1935 Pistol

Garry James takes a look at a Beretta M1935 pistol. Beretta M1935 Specs: Cartridge: 7.65×17mm Browning SR (.32 ACP) Action: Blowback Muzzle Velocity: 925 ft/s (282 m/s) Feed System: 8-round detachable box magazine

Oct 25

Colt Detective Specials

Take a journey through time and the evolution of the Colt Detective Special!

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