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Mar 17

Penn and Teller on the Second Amendment

Penn and Teller on the Second Amendment.

Feb 16

Starbucks Gun Policy Boycott

As you have probably heard, the National Gun Victims Action Council began a boycott of Starbucks because of their pro-gun policy. Basically, Starbucks has stated that they will follow the gun laws of the states in which they operate. In other words, carrying guns in Starbucks is perfectly fine in most states. However, it seems …

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Jun 22

Weapons and Ammo Blogs

Our Gun Videos site is mentioned on the Weapons and Ammo edition of Attack of the Show from G4TV. Ours is the third one mentioned, although they refer to our old web address. Game Trailers – E3 2011 – Blog Watch

Jul 30

Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot

Once againĀ G4TV has representation at the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show (OFASTS). This time, it is the lovely Sara Jean Underwood! Game Trailers – E3 2011 – AOTS Exclusive

Jun 18

Gun Videos Blog Recognized

We are excited to announce that the ArmsVault Gun Videos Blog has been recognized by G4 TV! The following is the G4 video that discusses the ArmsVault Gun Videos Blog, as well as two other great weapon blogs.