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Aug 09

AR-15 Rifle vs Twinkies

This AR-15 torture test video gives you a look at what you can expect in the event that your AR-15 rifle gets filled with delicious Twinkies. This AR-15 rifle is equipped with a Geissele trigger, and Nikon Monarch riflescope and mount. The ammo used is Wolf Gold.

Jun 02

Duct Tape Glock 20

First, let me throw out  a little common sense… interfering with the natural function of a firearm can be dangerous. Wrapping duct tape around a firearm, then trying to fire it, certainly falls into that category. So, don’t be an idiot… this is obviously something you should not try! That being said, this is America… …

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Apr 24

10 Funniest Gun Fails

I’m not necessarily here to make sense out of the gun videos you see on our site. I’m simply here to pass along info. That detail comes in really handy with this video, MattV2099’s list of 10 Funniest Gun Fails.

Sep 06

Glock 20 Slide vs Wiener

More gun and food science from MattV2099. This time, the Glock 20 slide takes on a wiener… Yes, I said a wiener.

Aug 12

Red Hot Muzzle Brake vs Break Free CLP

More gun science from MattV2099. This time he finds out how Break Free CLP reacts to a red hot muzzle brake.

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