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Aug 23

Gel Test – 7.62×39 Brown Bear Hollow Point Expansion

A gel test of theĀ 7.62×39 Brown Bear Hollow Point.

Aug 09

7.62x54r New Production Incendiary Ammo

7.62x54r New production incendiary ammo. These purple tip rounds give an impressive fire and smoke show upon detonation.

Jul 28

Clear Ballistics Gelatin

The Ammo Channel will be using this Clear Ballistics Gel for future expansion tests. This material is completely synthetic and reusable by melting and remolding. It can be stored at room temperature and won’t rot or become unstable. We are certainly looking forward to seeing the Clear Ballistics in action!

Jul 20

7.62x54r Steel Core Ammo Penetration Test

In depth results and data from the 7.62x54r light ball steel core ammo penetration tests. This is Bulgarian ammo from the early 1970’s purchased recently from AIM Surplus.

Jul 13

Ammo Test – 7.62x54r Steel Core 147 gr. Light Ball Penetration

Penetration tests of Steel Core 7.62x54r, a very common round manufactured in many countries. Light ball, containing a mild steel core. Typical velocities are 2700 – 2800 fps and can vary by action (bolt action vs. semi auto) and by barrel length.

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