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Aug 06

Brass vs Steel Cased Ammo

What is better, brass or steel cased ammo? In this test, 4 different AR-15 rifles are used to fire 40,000 rounds of ammo to determine the reliability of brass and steel cased ammo. Ammo Used Includes: Federal 55gr – Brass-Cased – Copper Jacket Wolf 55gr FMJ – Steel-Cased with Polymer Coating – Bi-Metal Jacket (steel …

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Jul 18

Beretta CX4 Storm

A quick range demo of the Beretta CX4 Storm Carbine, equipped with an AAC Ti-Rant Suppressor and Aimpoint Pro.

Jul 03

Standard vs Low Flash Ammo

I know… muzzle flash looks cool! But in a self-defense situation, muzzle flash isn’t desirable. Check out this video that demos standard vs low flash ammo.

Apr 08

7.62×39 Accuracy Testing

An accuracy test and comparison of 7.62×39 ammo. The test rifle is a CZ 527 bolt action carbine.

Mar 18

Ruger SR-762 Review

A review of the .308 (7.62 NATO) Ruger SR-762 rifle, including a range demo. The Ruger SR-762 is a lightweight, quick-handling carbine that is an ideal rifle for those who appreciate the familiar and ergonomic AR-style platform. The .308 Win./7.62 NATO cartridge is perfect for hunting medium and most large-sized game and enhances the capability …

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