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May 13

LaserLyte Glock 42 Pistol Laser – UTA-DB

An overview of the LaserLyte Glock 42 Pistol Laser (UTA-DB), including installation demo. The LaserLyte laser features ambidextrous activation, dual modes and auto-off. When the laser is mounted it matches the gun’s dust cover and trigger guard with perfect fit. Glock 42 Specs: Caliber: .380 Auto System: Safe Action Length: 151 mm / 5.94 in Width: 24 mm …

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Apr 03

LaserLyte Plinking Cans

An overview and demonstration of the LaserLyte Plinking Cans. I’m thinking these are a must for the Gun Videos office! LaserLyte Plinking Cans Specs: Product Number: TLB-BWC Plinking Can Weight: 4.25 ounces/.12 kg Length: 3.82 inch/9.7 cm Diameter: 2.00 inch/5.1 cm Battery: 9V Battery Life: 8,000 Tip Overs

Sep 11

LaserLyte Venom Sight For NAA Black Widow

Overview of the LaserLyte Venom sight for the North American Arms Black Widow revolver.

Sep 09

LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser for Glock Pistols

LaserLyte returns to basics with the patented RTB-GL rear sight laser that fits all Glock pistols. LaserLyte RTB-GL Specs: Compatible Firearms: Fits all GLOCK® pistols Power Output: Class IIIA, 5mw Laser module: 650nm Batteries: four 377 batteries Battery Life: 5 hrs. constant on, 10 hrs. pulse mode (normal usage) Weight 1.2 ounces/34.02 grams Length: .85 …

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May 09

LaserLyte CM-MK4

The LaserLyte CM-MK4 projects a ring of 8 red laser dots with one red laser dot in the center as the aiming laser. The circle grows at one-inch per yard, emulating a shotgun pattern. LaserLyte CM-MK4 Specs: Compatible Firearms: Handguns and firearms with a minimum of a 1-inch rail Laser Module: 635nm Laser Modes: Constant On, …

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